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Greeting cards and African Art
Greeting cards and African Art
Scott Moothery, the Artist

Scott Moothery is truly a product of the 21st Century.  He never relied on a teacher to help him hone his craft.  He didn't find his niche by endlessly exploring a range of media exercises.  He had no need to seek help from a Muse in order to stoke his artistic fire.

Instead, he by-passed this traditional path, taking a shortcut that's so prevalent today and relied solely on himself to achieve his goal of producing Visionary Art in Digital Form.

The first step in Scott's self-defined journey occurred while living in Europe touring the museums and drinking in the color, composition and power of the masters.  After returning home he worked in a San Francisco art gallery, a perfect place to continue absorbing the critical factors that make art fine.  Finally, 6 years ago, he began teaching himself how to be skillful with the abundance of tools that make digital art so versatile.

It was then that his natural talent was able to express itself.  Scott has an innate ability to visualize three elements at the same time -- color, shape and symbol.  He sees a complete vision of a scene and then captures it digitally, and captures it in a unique way that provides the viewer with an enhancement of that reality.



Music: Angela Bofill Album: I Wanna Love Somebody Song: "Amor Celestrial"

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